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The General Manager's Spring Festival oration

DATE:2010-02-04 Browse:1443 Source: Carry


On the Spring Festival celebration party, our general manager, Mr. Liu gave us his wonderful oration, the content as the folllowing:

Dear friends, classmates, colleagues:

Days in spring, we have proudly crossed the extremely unusual, unforgettable 2009. All things begin again and all things are new, the occasion of the Lunar New Year is approaching, I would like on behalf of the Shenzhen City QIAOLI Xing Electronics. Bao'an District,XIN AN QIAO Li xing Electronic Co., Ltd has long been the concern and support all the friends extend my best wishes and heartfelt thanks to all the staff and their families my sincere greetings! In the sitting to my colleagues in the Division customers and suppliers to extend New Year's blessings. in the new year, I wish you happiness and good health, good luck again and again!

In the year of 2010, our companies and factories have formulated the corresponding strategic objectives and work plans. Capital increase at the same time the company set up a new overseas department Ⅱ. Hong Kong Alibaba English Station was opened. Overseas Trade and Domestic Trade at the same time the company develop products over the years as the principal axis. Vigorously explore the different levels of electronic gifts. As well as electronic consumer products of our individual product prices to achieve more than 10 dollars. A greater increase value-added products. To adapt to different levels of end-consumers at home and abroad customers. By the end of 2009 we have invited a special finance companies to help streamline the supply of plant relationships. Opening years later upgraded to the general taxpayer factory. For us to develop the domestic large-scale gift buyers played a strong role. This is a package of plans are required to sit, we work closely with colleagues in the door. Both challenges and opportunities, standing at a new starting point, let us unite and work hand in hand, be inspired, honest labor, towards a more ambitious goals QIAO LI Xing forge ahead, I believe that our tomorrow will be even better!

Thank you!