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Police heating clothes with the principle of fever

DATE:2017-10-10 Browse:1796 Source:QLX

It is not only suitable for outdoor work groups such as military, public security, traffic police, security, electricity, oil, construction and transportation. It is also suitable for outdoor recreation groups such as mountaineering, tourism and fishing.

The following is introduced by the Qiao Lixing police heating equipment is a safe, reliable and efficient low-voltage DC power supply drive, heating element using carbon fiber conductive system, resulting in far infrared heat. Through the rechargeable temperature control lithium battery, so that the built-in carbon fiber fever. Battery low voltage design, absolutely safe for the human body.

Qiao Lixing main use of high-performance materials, carbon fiber heating element, no burning sensation, resulting in far infrared rays, health care function, far infrared heat generated by the 5μm-15μm far infrared radiation, (this wavelength of far infrared Is necessary for the human body and all creatures) is more likely to resonate with people's skin and cell tissue, penetrate deep into the skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in a warm effect, improved blood circulation, expansion of hair vessels, and exclusion of microcirculation. It refers to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the body of the important parts of the heat up, so as to feel the overall warmth. Release far infrared activation of biological macromolecules activity, have a certain physical therapy.

Qiao Lixing heating clothing fabric soft and thin, comfortable, with windproof coating, buffer cooling speed, so that the temperature is more durable, and strong ventilation, keep the internal dry. Sandwich, the selection of materials in line with the Ministry of Public Security clothing requirements, thin and warm, anti-static. Its controller set high, medium and low third gear temperature control, the use of silicone controller, the controller placed in the left chest, placket and pocket are selected Japan's first brand YKK zipper, reliable quality. Clothes can be directly washed after washing the battery (machine wash or hand wash), natural drying can be connected to use.

Police heating service is a purpose for the officers and men to warm the role of cold a police equipment, are wearing a warm service, personalized design, simple and generous, practical and strong.